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The following letters were written by Daniel Brown Boultinghouse and his wife Mary Jane Russell

From D. B. Boultinghouse to Mary Jane Boultinghouse
Cameron, Sept the 30th, 1863

Dear wife, I take this opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that through the mercy of God I am well and Doing as well as you might expect we have plenty - and feed for our horses I have drawed a Blanket and cap -- ordered to Houston from -- don't know where we will -- will go to Millegan there -- the cars for Houston I want you to write as soon as you get this I will send you an envelope -- backed to Millegan your letter will not Reach there till - but it has - hurt me as yet I must go for this time as it is past dark the Boys are fiddling and -- in the hotel where -- writing hopeing this will find you well I add no more but remains your affectionate husband until Death
D. B. Boultinghouse

From Mary J. Boultinghouse to D. B. Boultinghouse
(Probably first part of October, 1863)

not -- you now but I hop you wil soon get back home againe I like to forgot to tel you that wee was all well but the baby he is not much sick the connection is wel as far as I now I herd from your father to day they was all well old dary Stuard has moved in here and he brought the news he ses they get letters from Jonathan I went this morning and had a letter from tomas Clinton he said that him and James Clinton and brother Houston and two Tucker boyes was all sick in the hospittle at washington but they wod swon wod all be able to go to ther command this letter was wroght the therteenth of septmber he said they was looking for a fight in a few days I shall swone to -- close for I hav no pen nor no mind I hav nothing to Right to you now have (?) unless I nos (?) to fight Reports we had a fine Raine on the tweentieth six and the tweentieth seventh of September I hav got this little field sowed up Dear husband I wont you to Right to me often and tel me now how you are I wont you to Send me your likeness if can old Brother hoge stays here the most of the time he went town yestrda and got your letter -- on by mr ashabrand I shall ad no more but Remain your affectionate wife until death
Mary J. Boultinghouse
to D. B. Boultinghouse

From D. B. Boultinghouse to Mary Jane Boultinghouse
Camp near Chappel Hill Oct the 9th 63

Dear wife I again seat myself to Drop you a few lines to let you know that through the mercy of god I am well and I hope when this comes to hand it will find you and children well I have no news but what I guess you will hear before you get this we are on the march for Houston but whether we will go there or not none of us know we have traveled three days and camped at the same camp every night having received orders and them countermanded every day we are now in about 4 miles from Chappel Hill on the march for Houston we have crossed the Brasos 4 times we have plenty to eat I have enjoyed better health for ten days than I have for a long time till night before last I took cold which makes me feel a little bad but I think I will soon be sound again I want you to write as soon as you get this and let me know how you are getting along I wrote from Cameron the 30th of Sept I will send you an envelope Backed to hempstead where we will await further orders if they don't meet us before we get there I will add no more at this time hoping this may find all well no more your affectionate husband
D. B. Boultinghouse

Camp near Houston Oct 14, 63

Dear wife I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well through the providence of God and I hope when these lines come to hand they will find you all well I have little news at present what we have is favorable we came through Houston day before yesterday how long we will Remain here is uncertain we may stay here till our service is ended or we may leave here tomorrow no troops have landed here yet but it thought by our head men they will land at some port before long we heard some big speeches yesterday from Judge Oldham, Gen. Magruder and Col. Carter they made a very pretty thing of it there were about fiteen hundred troops on parade yesterday Maj. Wilkie is here they look for the company that Jonathan belongs to will be here tomorrow the Boys are generally well here we are 3 miles from Houston in a pine grove the wind is from the North this morning and it Roars very natural I have nothing more to write at this time I want you to write every week and I will try to do the same I have not got a letter from home yet do the best you can and I will do the same So no more at present but Remains your affectionate husband until Death
D. B. Boultinghouse
To Mrs. M. J. Boultinghouse

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