Whispers from the Past.....

Photos from Grandma's Trunk

Strangers In The Box

Come, look with me inside this drawer, in this box I've often seen
At the pictures, black and white, faces proud, still and serene.
I wish I knew the people, these strangers in the box
Their names and all their memories, are lost among the socks.

I wonder what their lives were like, How did they spend their days?
What about their special times? I'll never know their ways.
If only someone would have taken time, to tell who, what, and when,
those faces of my heritage would come to life again.

Could this become the fate of the pictures we take today?
The faces and the memories someday to be tossed away.

Make time to save your pictures seize the opportunity when it knocks
Or someday you and yours could be the strangers in the box.

Author: Pam Harazim
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     Thirty odd years ago, I wrote a letter to the Historical Society in Collingsworth County, Texas.  I was searching for my Grantham family and knew that my great-great-grandmother, Susan Adeline Parks Grantham, had died in Wellington and was buried there.
      I received a reply stating that there was an older woman there who had some photographs that she'd like someone to identify. Road Trip!

     My Momma, sister, niece, and I loaded up and headed to the Texas Panhandle.  We had a lovely visit with Odessa Winter Bowen who showed us the pictures she had that had been in Grandma Grantham's trunk when she passed away while living in Wellington with her daughter, Ada Grantham Winter.

     What a joy it was to see a picture of my great=grandpa, "Bud" Grantham, without a mustache.  There were a lot of unidentified photos and I asked Odessa if I could possibly borrow them and have copies madeand then return them to her.  You have to remember that this was long before the days of portable scanners and smart phones.  I was floored by Odessa's response, she told me that she was giving me the photos.

     I immediately began trying to identify the photos and several years later, I was able to post them on my website.  I've been able to identify a few of them over the years and hope that someday the remaining photos will no longer be, "Strangers in the Box".
  1. #1 - Unknown
    #1 - Unknown
  2. #2 - Unknown
    #2 - Unknown
  3. #3 - Alvin Franklin & Maggie Belle
    #3 - Alvin Franklin & Maggie Belle
    Children of Hillard Ciscero Grantham
  4. #4 - Unknown
    #4 - Unknown
  5. #5 - Clarence Sims
    #5 - Clarence Sims
    Unknown how related to the Grantham family
  6. #6 - Bill Ponder
    #6 - Bill Ponder
    Unknown how related to the Grantham family
  7. #7 - Unknown
    #7 - Unknown
  8. #8 - Unknown
    #8 - Unknown
  9. #9 - Estey Winford Grantham
    #9 - Estey Winford Grantham
    Son of Monroe Mathias Grantham
  10. #10 - Unknown
    #10 - Unknown
  11. #11 - Mary Lavony Anderson
Eppy Franklin Parks
    #11 - Mary Lavony Anderson & Eppy Franklin Parks
  12. #12 - The Parks Family
    #12 - The Parks Family
    Back L-R: Unknown, Francis Marion Conley Front L-R: Unknown Parks Sisters
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